God has always been a part of my upbringing and life, which is rare, and a huge blessing. I grew up hearing about Jesus as my savior, and I believed it, but I was also interested in my own desires and pursuits. I was always attending church willingly and enjoyed being involved in it. But, as I stated, my hope of success and an “enjoyable life” was a huge weight. I focused far more of my heart, soul, mind, strength on things like school, art, intellect, relationships, etc. These are all great and beautiful things that derive from God’s grace, but I used them as a focus, rather than a result of chasing the Creator of the Universe.

God has constantly been pursuing me. I don’t believe he suddenly wins your heart, but slowly, for lack of a better term, woos us into a beautiful relationship with him. Ever since I was young, and naturally assumed He existed, he has been revealing to me his beautiful and perfect attributes. The most wonderful, and clearway to understand my own story with God is to think of His pursuit just as a relationship with two people. Initially, there is acknowledgment. This happened when I was very young. Next, there is a building of relationship. This happened slowly throughout my elementary and secondary education. Then there is a ‘defining of the relationship’. This, I would say, happened late in High School when I was worshiping God, and realized, “What is this? Do I have a real relationship with You? If not, let’s start now.” Finally, two years ago, I came to a point where I wanted to be completely surrendered and eternally bound to My God.

Ever since I surrendered my life direction under God’s reign, God has shown me such kindness and blessing. He has allowed me to do so many of the things I had hoped to do, but now, it is with the blessing of the Person who created all the things from scratch. I have been allowed to go to the Philippines, and participate in his Ministry there, as well as use my love of design and creativity to serve His work and Church here in Menomonie. After these, I was able to move into a leadership role in Street Level Ministries. This, in combination with being in a committed relationship with a lovely girl {who has a humble spirit towards God that I am inspired by} I am learning a lot about what it means to care for and lead others with grace, service, and love. This has forced me to pursue God and ask for his help because I don’t naturally have those attributes. I do not know exactly what God has planned, but I trust that it will be powerful, and perfectly designed for my fulfillment, and His glory.