I grew up in a home where my parents loved Jesus & taught me to do the same. My parents wanted me to have a personal relationship with God and knowledge of who He is and what the Bible says, I went to a Christian school (1st -8th grade) where we learned about God alongside our core subjects. With that, I also went to Bible camp every summer. I remember saying the sinner’s prayer countless times because I didn’t quite understand what was going on, but I wanted to make sure that I belonged to Jesus. I am not too sure when I would say that I was saved, I don’t think it was one moment, but a culmination of things as I grew up. The transition from my private elementary/middle school to a public high school wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t a big deal either. In my first three years of high school I made good choices & continued to attend youth group regularly with some friends from school. Then in my senior year one of my best friends who was not a Christian took his life. I was so confused and angry at God. I remember thinking, “how could a loving and perfect God let this happen?” After that, I grew very angry and hard towards God & decided to do what I wanted & ignore him. I was running from God, trying to drown him out with guys, drugs, & alcohol. I continued this in my transition to college. But God didn’t let me run for too long, he was constantly pursuing me through this. My second week of school I ended up at the Blind Munchies & then later attended a church service upstairs at JFB. I mainly went to appease my mom who had been relentlessly asking me where I was going to church, but in the back of my mind I knew that I was lost & knew that the way I was living wasn’t fulfilling. I haven’t stopped attending JFB since. God was growing me, teaching me, & showing me who he truly is and the fullness of life he has to offer through the teachings and the people there. I ended up going to a discipleship conference later that year & one of the teachings was on surrendering yourself to God. That really convicted me; I realized that though I was born again & saved, I was not fully surrendered to God. I decided there was no holding back that day. I made my faith my own & really understood what it meant to belong to Jesus. Since then, God has still been pursuing me, showing me new areas of my life that aren’t fully surrendered, & asking me to give them to him. It isn’t comfortable or easy, but when I am faithful in doing so he does amazing things & I cannot imagine my life any other way.